About Us

The New Way to success.

Starpro Combat has been at the heart of boxing innovation since 1984 and the company’s roots have been there for over 100 years as a manufacturer and now as a brand. Our sports gears around the world help athletes become winners wherever they choose to compete. Starpro Combat invests in outstanding professionals and a skilled labor force who conduct in-depth research & design, produce high-tech functional material and fabric, manufacture on state-of-the-art production units, and ultimately provide a globally unmatched product.


We pride our drive to deliver Boxing and MMA equipment which are inventive, aesthetically appealing, scientifically proven, highly durable and protective for the benefit of our fighters young and old. We believe that when our athletes are stronger and better equipped, so are we.
We have a fully dedicated manufacturing plant with three functioning warehouses around the world, running on an exclusive chain system and a rigorous Quality Control/QA unit where each product is manufactured, finished, packed, and delivered on a Global Standard.
Based in the Netherlands, Starpro Combat has led the international market and rapidly grown in the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, USA, Canada and Mexico within the past 2 years. We offer a broad (80+) range of Boxing and MMA training products; Martial Arts uniforms for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Karate and Judo along with fitness apparel for professional & beginner athletes alike.
With rising popularity in Europe, our high-end combat goods, head guards, punch mitts, punching bags and more maintain a focus on quality, as we work tirelessly deliver unique products which we believe in.
We are expanding day by day, we hold our core values of on-time deliveries, great quality control and dedicated customer service, paramount in guiding our brand forward as a Premier Manufacturer in Combat Sports.