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C20 Focus Pads

C20 Focus Pads

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The Starpro C20 Premium Focus Pads are designed for adults and kids alike, offering a versatile and effective tool for boxing training. These focus pads are ideal for various training exercises, including boxing, kickboxing, and MMA, providing the perfect balance for realistic training.


  • Realistic Training Experience: The Starpro C20 focus pads are engineered for balance. They are lightweight enough for quick movements by the training partner but also provide adequate resistance for impactful hits. This balance is crucial for realistic and dynamic training, ensuring the pads meet the needs of various martial arts disciplines. The high-standard production of these pads reflects Starpro's commitment to quality without compromise.
  • Extended Training Sessions: A common issue with other brands is poor stitching and insufficient cushioning, leading to discomfort and early wear-out. Starpro's focus pads, however, are crafted to last, featuring the right amount of cushioning for agility and a comfortable fit. This design ensures that both the boxer and the training partner can train longer and more effectively, making these pads ideal for Thai boxing and other disciplines.
  • High Durability: The durability of focus pads is critical, especially in high-impact sports. Starpro's experience in the boxing industry is evident in the robust materials and craftsmanship of their C20 focus pads. With sweat-resistant inner lining and a sturdy design, these pads are built to endure rigorous training sessions, making them a reliable choice for anyone looking for long-lasting punching mitts.
  • Comfort for Users: Comfort is key, whether you're delivering punches or holding the pads. The C20 focus pads are designed to be comfortable for both the boxer and the pad holder. Suitable for both boxing and kickboxing, these pads are versatile enough for training with children or professional boxers. Their long-lasting quality and thoughtful design make them an excellent value for anyone passionate about boxing or martial arts training.


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